June 13 - August 29 2009

Alberto Adsuara, Silvana Agostoni, Vicenta Casañ, Marina Font, Ignacio Gurruchaga, Roberto Huarcaya, Rhonda Mitrani, Peggy Levison Nolan, Alexandra Rowley, Kanako Sasaki, Yuri Tuma

This summer group show is a compilation of works whose main focus is water. The theme, seeming appropriate for this season, is also an opportunity for the gallery to show works by many artists alongside ones that the gallery represents. Although it is a vast subject, the images in this exhibition portray water as its main protagonist. There are a few variations of the state of water shown in the images of the 
iceberg by Ignacio Gurruchaga and the steam on the sliding glass door by Peggy Levison Nolan. 

Within the grouping of images of water in its liquid form, there are many different dramatic states as well. There is the stormy, almost violently moving currents in the piece by Alberto Adsuara; the serene slow moving wave by Silvana Agostoni; the surreal flooding of Miami’s MacArthur Causeway by Vicenta Casañ; the symmetrical abstractions of a pool by Yuri Tuma; the poetic and historic image by Kanako Sasaki; and the purity of the images by Alexandra Rowley. 

A visually playful piece by Miami artist Marina Font shows an installation of 9 monochromatic photographs called Memories of the Sea. At first glance these are close ups of waves and waterfalls, but a closer look reveals folds and fuzz of the sheets on a bed. A video by Rhonda Mitrani, depicts water in motion; a mini waterfall, not revealing exactly what or where, fills the gallery with its sound.