March 13 - April 24, 2010

Dina Mitrani Gallery is pleased to present Recent Dreams by Mario Algaze, black and white panoramic landscapes of Latin America. These photographs, primarily of Peru, Costa Rica and Colombia were taken with a hand-made Linhof camera and are selenium toned silver gelatin prints.

Now, at the height of his career, Algaze's 152-page monograph titled Portfolio will be presented at the opening of this exhibition. After 40 years as a self taught photographer and having been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide, Algaze is pleased to be showing these landscapes in Miami where they have never been shown before. Algaze was born in Cuba, but has called Miami home since 1960; 
his photographs of Latin America are a way for him to reconcile his exile from his native homeland. His images of Spanish speaking places evoke emotion and mystery through his use of light. The streets, bars, café’s and cathedrals are dreamlike and nostalgic, yet documentary in their depiction of daily life.