January 26 – March 23, 2013

Dina Mitrani Gallery is pleased to present Alexandra Rowley: Process, the artist's second solo exhibition at the gallery. The photographs in the exhibition are a myriad of images, figurative and abstract alike, illustrating the concept of transformation. The artist explores the experience of “process” through different media and materials including her body, her studio, her home, her year-old child and the planet. The work speaks of the endless cycles of creation, fruition, and destruction.

The exhibition includes small polaroids of the artist studio's blotched walls and painted floors and large prints of the residue of the act of cooking become wondrous forms of color and texture. Two broken plates examine the idea of family legacy, beauty and fragility, while a failed pregnancy inspired a documentation of what was being lost and the potential to create life. The exhibition also includes a ceramic installation echoing the notion of the vessel, the home and the process of nurturing. A sound piece highlights the President speaking about the environment overlapped with the sound of a child's laughter, referring to the contrast of pure, carefree happiness and the dangers of our Earth's future. Inherent in all the work, is the element of time and cyclical continuity.

Alexandra Rowley was born and raised in New York City, and studied photography at the Speos Ecole de la Photographie, Paris, France. She has exhibited her work internationally, including shows at Clamp Art in New York, Rose Gallery in Santa Monica and Geukens and de Vil in Belgium. She has had fellowships at the UCross Foundation and the Atlantic Center for the Arts, and her work is included in various public and private collections including the Ritz Carlton and W Hotels.